Saturday, October 21, 2017

Koningsdam 2017, Day 4, St. Johns, Antigua

What a wonderful, relaxing voyage!  The first two sea days were both wonderful…..  The first was very, very windy and wet.  It didn’t matter, Brad, Gloria relaxed all day in the Cabana in the Retreat.  Occasionally we had to fight off the wind and rain but it was fabulous nonetheless…. It was also our first Gala night and we enjoyed getting all dressed up for a nice evening.   The second day at sea was spectacular!  It was a very warm and sunny day, just perfect for me.  We have enjoyed the ship immensely, the crew, food and service have been phenomenal.  Today, we hit our first port of call, St. Johns, Antigua, a place I have visited on numerous occasions.  My game plan was simple, go shore walk about 5 miles, take in the local sights and then retire to the Retreat onboard for a relaxing day.  I will probably take the same approach in most of the islands we visit.  As for blogging, I may only blog the first time we call on a particular port.  No sense overdoing it, primarily, I was to relax in the sun….  It was a fantastic day and tonight is very promising since we plan on din9ing in the Tamarind Restaurant, a wonderful place to dine….  What a great voyage this has been so far….